Fouad Abou-Rizk

Fouad Abou-Rizk

Fouad Abou-Rizk is a Greensboro, NC based photographer, videographer, graphic designer, and social media manager.

How do you say his name?

This is the question that he gets asked the most! His first name is Fouad. Fou as in foodad as in odd. His last name is a combination of two names: Abou and Rizk. Pronounce Abou like the monkey in Aladdin, and Rizk like risk with a Z instead of an S.  It is a Lebanese name.

Fouad's Passions

Fouad is passionate about creating to inspire people to help others.

Fouad thinks the best path he can take with his skills is to create content that will provoke people to take action to help those who are in need.

Fouad is passionate about capturing nature with his camera.

He is amazed at the beauty of the world we live in and loves to capture it and share it with others. 

Fouad is passionate about being with and helping those who suffer.

He maintains a blog called Humanitarian Prayers to raise awareness about current humanitarian crises.

Fouad's Expertise

Social Media

Under his management as Marketing and Social Media Specialist at Goodwill Industries of Central North Carolina (Triad Goodwill), he gained them over 1050 new followers in under six months across four profiles, more than doubling their monthly following growth. Their Instagram following grew by 17% and LinkedIn by 13%. 


Fouad is an expert user of Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, and Capture One Pro. He has extensive portraiture experience, including professional headshots. He is also very experienced with nature photography and an expert at light painting.


While studying Media Production at Appalachian State University, he once lead a team of eight to produce a short film. He has extensive interviewing experience and is familiar with a variety of microphones and audio recording setups. He has over five years of experience with Adobe Premiere Pro.

Graphic Design

While at Goodwill, he produced advertisements for digital use, magazines, and other materials including for use at the High Point Furniture Market. His work can be seen in pricing signs at four new Triad Goodwill stores in Guilford and Alamance counties.

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