"Micah Bournes as an artist. Before I was an artist I was a fan. I grew up as a Hip-Hop head. I would memorize lyrics just cause I loved them."

"My name is Sam Ock. I am a singer, songwriter/Hip-Hop, Soul, Jazz, Pop artist. I think that's the best way I would categorize myself."

"In summary I say Shopé loves God, loves Hip-Hop, loves people. Those things come together to form a really unique individual."

"Honestly Bizzle is truth music. I just try to spit the truth, push godly principles, and reach whoever God calls me to reach."

"I believe myself, Chad Jones, as an artist is really just a culmination of life experiences after I met Jesus."

"Taelor Gray is an old soul with a lot of love for the new school emphasis on Hip-Hop and Rap."

"J. Han is a fusion of Hip-Hop, Jazz, and Pop with Korean heritage, growing up in the Western world."

"My name is Ezekiel and I am a spoken word and rap artist. I consider myself an artist that teeters on the line of spoken music, wordy, things like that." 

"Beleaf as an artist is just a beast of an emcee, a loving father, and someone who wants to lead people to freedom."
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