Devil’s Rock Trail, Sedona, Arizona

During my family’s vacation to New Mexico and Arizona, we spent a few days in Sedona, Arizona, known for being in “red rock country.” One morning we went on a long, hot hike to the Devil’s Rock. We went along a trail for about a mile until we got onto their dirt road.

It was a very hot day in the desert and every minute seemed to get warmer. The trail ended when it reached the dirt road. Most people were walking but there were some SUVs, trucks, and UTVs driving on the rocks.

When we got to the second trailhead, cars and bikes were blocked and we began a steep ascent. It was intense, but the views were worth it.

At the top of the trail there was a rock bridge over a long drop down called Devil’s Bridge. My sister wanted to go on it so she got in line. I wasn’t trying to die that day so I stayed to take her photo on the other side.

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