Rough Ridge on the Blue Ridge Parkway

It had been over six months since I had been to Rough Ridge, one of my favorite places on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I decided to go to Boone recently to hangout with college friends and visit the Parkway. 

When I got to Boone, it was a cloudy day. In the afternoon it started to rain, and I considered cancelling my plans to go to Rough Ridge with my friend Jonathan. However, the rain subsided and I decided to go anyways. I was so glad I went!

When we got up to higher elevation on the Parkway near Grandfather Mountain and Rough Ridge, the clouds cleared and revealed the familiar beautiful view that I had missed. 

We climbed up to the first of three stops at Rough Ridge and the clouds were actually level with and below us along the ridge. It was pretty cool.

After about 10 minutes there, we hiked up another ten minutes to the next level. There is a ledge there that if you go to the edge of it you are basically out above an abyss and it makes for a pretty cool photo. It usually has an incredible view of the mountains behind it, but this time the clouds came up to cover the view.

After that, we went up another 10 minutes or so to the top, which also has an amazing panoramic view. You can click on the image for a wider view.

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