The Winston Salem Cycling Classic

The 2018 Winston-Salem Cycling Classic took place on Memorial Day Weekend, from Saturday, May 26th to Monday the 28th. It is one of the country’s best professional cycling events and features hundreds of top racers! I decided to go on Monday afternoon to photograph the Men’s Road Race. 

It was a cloudy day and when I arrived at Bailey Park where the finish line was, it was sprinkling rain. Thankfully it did not turn into much more and the rain quickly ceased!

It took the racers about 10-15 minutes to do one lap, but they had plenty of entertainment. There were several food trucks and concessions, as well as live music. The concert was part of the Gears and Guitars Festival which accompanied the races. When I was there a band called The Luxuriant Sedans were performing. They were going hard!

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