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Fouad Abou-Rizk
Cool College Projects

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Foley and ADR Project

During my time at Appalachian State University, I earned a Bachelor of Science in Electronic Media with a focus on (media) Production. I enjoyed my time at App and am grateful for my experiences and education there.
My most challenging project in college became the single piece of creative work that I’m most proud of ever having made.
My classmate John and I were tasked by our Audio Production II teacher, Dr. McCreery, with recreating every single sound from a nearly three-minute film scene. The assignment was daunting to receive, having never done anything like it before.
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To begin, we watched our assigned scene dozens of times, listening carefully and logging everything we heard. Following creating this record, we had to decide how to realistically recreate each sound. The only sound we didn’t have to recreate and weren’t allowed to recreate was that of a gunshot.
We not only recorded all of the dialogue (automated dialogue replacement) with our own voices, but we also recorded sounds such as a styrofoam cup being set on a counter, a plastic sign on a door bumping into the person opening the door, and the sizzle of food being cooked.
The process was incredibly time-consuming, taking several dozen hours over at least a month, and caused us to think outside of the box to unconventionally recreate ordinary sounds which people hear without considering their origin.
Every pair of partnered classmates put dozens of hours into this project, and upon comparing our final recording to our classmates on presentation day, John and I did an excellent job.
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