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Fouad Abou-Rizk
It felt like a chance event, but I think it was a chance within God's plan for my life.
How I got connected with Jam The Hype
In November 2013, Jam The Hype, an online music blog focusing on urban Christian music and culture, mostly Christian hip-hop, posted a contest on social media. They said the first person to email them after having accurately spotted a hidden message in a music video would receive an iTunes gift card.
I watched the video immediately and ended up being that first person.
As I was emailing back and forth with Jam The Hype's then-staff member Mike Laxton, I told him I had written some articles I hadn't published anywhere giving advice to Christian hip-hop (CHH) artists.
He was excited to hear that and asked if I would be interested in writing on behalf of Jam The Hype; I said yes.
One article, followed by nearly 200 more
It started with a single blog post in April 2014 titled When CHH Becomes Idolatry and ended up being a side job for nearly six years through which I interviewed almost all of my favorite music artists.
Working for Jam The Hype was a blessing and I was very fortunate to have been able to be a part of their team for so long. I made good friends and had the privilege to conduct, write, and publish nearly 200 articles with over 135 artists.
The most well-known artists I had the opportunity to interview include Andy Mineo, KB, and Dee-1. Unfortunately, Jam The Hype was defunded in the spring of 2020 and my nearly six years there came to a conclusion.
Though the Jam The Hype website is no longer live, I saved almost all of my interviews. A selection of videos I produced and articles I wrote can be viewed here.
Out of over 160 interviews, there is no way I can only pick a top few, so I decided to pick some of my favorite articles that are based on varying subjects from battle rapping to humanitarianism. Some of them are from a quite a while ago, and could have been more well-written.
A selection of my favorite interviews
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