Portraits in the Mirror

This project started off with myself, Fouad Abou-Rizk. I look at my reflection in the mirror a lot. Everyone does. Besides washing my hands and brushing my teeth, when I look in the mirror, I would open my lips and look at my teeth.

In spring 2016, when I opened my lips and my teeth, my top and bottom teeth only contacted on my left teeth. Not my front teeth or the teeth on the right side of my mouth. I was recovering from a broken jaw, and since then it has been a long and frustrating journey for my teeth to come together and then come together straight when I close down. Thankfully my teeth come together very straight now, thanks to my braces, which I no longer wear.

I chose to base my final project in my spring 2017 photography class on the premise of what a person thinks about when they look at their reflection in the mirror. Starting with myself.

Self portrait.

Mat Clodfelter.

Mauxi Alarcon.

Tanner Lomas.

Katlyn Staub.

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